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I was talking to my friend on the phone tonight, ya know, while I’m losing it on my kid about Kindergarten math homework. Anyway, we were just talking about what’s new, how was your day, etc. Within our conversation I started thinking about how I went part-time so I could be a better mom, spend more quality time with my kids, and so on. I’m doing that and it’s great! However, I just added on another work day and started tutoring in the evenings so I’m still kinda working a lot. Not nearly as much, but still. So my goal in quitting my career and going part-time was to start feeling like I’m winning! Winning at being a mom, being a wife, winning at being a good daughter and friend, just all around not-sucking. As it turns out, I’m still not getting the mom of the year award.

So I have a new goal. Instead of winning at life, I’m just going to start winning week-by-week. Went to church Sunday, took my kids to the park, did laundry (still clean on the couch), finished meal prep for lunches…. winning! That was Sunday. Then Monday came. I woke up late and I was tired because I was up late binge watching #Nashville. My 6 year old didn’t want to wake up and once she did it took her TWENTY MINUTES to put on her clothes for school #ADHD. So it’s Monday, I yelled at my kid before school, I was 10 minutes late for work, BUT… my kids ate a healthy dinner courtesy of Kroger rotisserie chicken, microwavable steamed veggies and rice. Boom!

Point is, “winning” the week was shot by Monday at 9am. So now my goal is just to feel like I’m winning each day. And if that doesn’t work I’m gonna win moment to moment. Because ya know what? Moments count. And if we think it’s all crap just because we had a few not-so-proud moments, we’re robbing ourselves of the joy in our proud moments! Be proud of yourself today. Dwell on the things you did for your family today. Linger on the positive things that happened in your day. And let all that other crap go. You can always try again tomorrow. Well, actually you have to try again tomorrow; your kids aren’t going to feed themselves. So see, you’ll be winning by breakfast! 😉


  • Kim Dameron

    You are always a winner in my book! Life is made up of different seasons. Being married and having kids creates those seasons. Some seasons are cold and brittle and other seasons are sunny and delightful. Even though we as moms are in different “seasons”, I think that we would all agree that winning is taking it day by day and celebrating our small victories!

  • Melanie

    Girl, you got this and …you are a great writer too, life is too busy, I’m still trying to cut back on fb, but here I am …see, I would have missed your new blog! Hope to see you soon
    Melanie Cantarella

  • Catherine Say

    Wow, this is a great read Erin and totally hit home!! I love your honesty and openness. It’s so true that we need to celebrate the moments and not let it all go by the wayside because of just one bad moment. All moms should read this article. Can’t wait for your next one! So proud of you!! 😘

  • Summer

    This is a winning blog post. Insightful, funny and attention keeping. Thanks for sharing a small part of your journey with me❤️

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