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Why the blog?

So why write this blog? Here’s the thing. I’m honest. I’m like, make you uncomfortable and watch your facial expressions honest. By writing this blog, I’m hopefully reaching a woman out there that needs to start winning. A woman that needs to know that she’s already winning in so many ways. We are surrounded by women pretending like they’re something they’re not, even with little things. The problem is, that makes other women feel like they must be doing something wrong because this chic has it all figured out. Except they don’t. Ok fine, sometimes they do, but they usually don’t.

We’re constantly feeling like we’re fighting a losing battle. We’re late for work or our kids are late for school. Our kids are reading every night, but our house is a mess. I brought work home that I need to get done after I put the kids to bed. So I can do that, or have sex with my husband, but not both, that’s not happening. So I’m an attentive wife or I’m efficient with my work. We are juggling so much that something is always bound to drop. And it sucks! I go to work every day, at the same job where I was a badass. I mean, I met every deadline, I was always on time, my attire, hair and makeup were done every day. And now… I have two beautiful children and a husband that loves me immensely. And after all that love and all that beautifulness, I can’t keep shit straight anymore. I’m up in the middle of the night because her canines are coming in, her poop has been diarrhea all week (my grandma says it’s because she’s teething), I’m reading with my 6 year-old because apparently she’s not reading anything at school, I’m tutoring on the side because I’m working part-time now (to be a better mom), I’m still googling when the “baby brain” goes away because the baby is about to turn 2. I mean, really?! Oh yeah, and I have a husband. Almost forgot about him.

So there’s no magical scenario where it all just works. It doesn’t work, but we do it anyway. And I’m just gonna need more women to be real about it. Because with the right mindset, we could be winning! And that’s where the name of the blog was born. With God, I’m winning! With every smile I get from my kids, I’m winning! With every time I have sex with my husband… winning!! I go to bed and there’s NO dishes in the sink, winning! Be honest about the realities of womanhood, but do it and move on ladies. Leave time to celebrate all the things you’re doing right! You are doing SO much right girl!


  • Momma2259

    Yes!!! I’m so glad you are being HONEST!!! As a mother, wife, daughter and career woman, I like to think I have it all together. But I’d be lying if I said I did. I love this idea of women coming together to be real about life.
    This year….this MONTH has been a really hard one! It’s made me rethink a lot of life choices….except my husband….he’s a keeper. Ha! But seriously folks!….it’s been tough.
    I would love tips and advice (realistic ones) that could help me win at life in one aspect or another. Thanks in advance! Haha!

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