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Invisible Cross

We have these things that we carry around. They are heavy and they hold us down and hold us back and we’re not talking about them. We’re not being open about them. Some of you are depressed or anxious. Some of you are consumed by materialism, addicted to stuff and you don’t know why or how to let go of it. Some of you aren’t having sex with your husband. Some of you don’t feel like having sex with your husband and you don’t know why. Some of you are struggling with your relationship with your parents now that you’re an adult with your own children. Whatever it is, please hear me when I say, you are not alone. Be the woman that starts the conversation. Be brave. Be honest. Once you do, you’ll find that the women around you needed YOU to start the conversation.

Your house does not always look like it should be on HGTV. Be real. Your kids are not always respectful to you. Be honest. Your marriage isn’t perfect. Mine isn’t either. So close Pinterest, put down your phone, and go spend time with your family. Focus on what’s important. Because the life you have is a life worth being grateful for.

…And please stop posting pictures of your salmon dinner on Facebook. No one cares that you fed your kids a healthy dinner. Maybe I should post a pic of the chicken nuggets I heated up in the microwave? I heated up a vegetable to go with it by the way!


  • Momma2259

    I often feel like I could do better with dinners. They’re often fast food options because our lifestyle consists of non-stop extra-curricular activities…. #softballmom #baseballmom (for spring) and to be HONEST….I don’t want to spend my time cooking. I’m sorry, I don’t enjoy cooking that much. Can I cook? Yes! Do I get an itch every once in awhile to cook? Absolutely! It’s just not a regular thing. So, I guess I need some motivation to find a balance between cooking at home, and eating out.

  • Stay at home mom

    Love this! I know I have that mom guilt that the kids didn’t eat the healthiest, that they didn’t have all of my attention or that I simply don’t feel up to par. Same with my husband. Some days the laundry gets washed, folded AND put away. Most days it doesn’t. Some days the whole house gets a good clean. Most days that’s a negative. Staying home ads extra pressure (put on by myself) that these things should be completed with a hot dinner on table by 5.
    First we never eat at the table. Dinner is never at 5.
    It’s almost 5 now and I haven’t showered. But I did get done things checked of the to do list so win?
    We need to be more excited of what we do accomplish in a day and less worried what we didn’t. I really enjoyed reading your posts!

    • Erin Johnson

      Sounds like you’re winning to me! I love that you’re honest enough to admit you haven’t showered yet! lol That’s me every Saturday!

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