Mamas with Mimosas

I’m a mama, a wife, a teacher, school administrator, professional development speaker, mentor, friend, daughter, granddaughter, and a home diy’er (that’s a thing). As a mama I am constantly “changing hats” to meet the needs of those around me. No wonder I need a pitcher of mimosas by the weekend! Yeah I said it, a pitcher!

Why the blog?

So why write this blog? Here’s the thing. I’m honest. I’m like, make you uncomfortable and watch your facial expressions honest. By writing this blog, I’m hopefully reaching a woman out there that needs to start winning. A woman…

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Parent/ Teacher

So I have this parent conference with my daughter’s Kindergarten teacher this week. And let me tell you, it is really hard being on the parent side of the table. I’ve been a teacher and an elementary school administrator. So I …

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Me Time

I recently began working part-time and I am eager to experience some of that “me time” people keep telling me about. I’ve thought about going back to the gym, improving my prayer life, spending more time with my mom and friends. But what I’m finding…

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